Piston valves for steam and high temperature.

The SRT valve features bidirectional flow and optimized internal passage.

All versions normally closed have the upper visual indicator of the valve position as standard.

The valve, with fluid inlet under the shutter, allows to avoid water hammer in the system. Also available in atex execution.

Generally the valve is suitable for steam and high temperature, but it can also be suitable for other fluids compatible with brass. In this case, we always recommend consulting the compatibility table or contacting our technicians.

The SRT valve is used in systems where the nature of the intercepted fluid, the temperature, the pressure or the environmental conditions make the use very heavy. Also suitable for battery assembly of several units.

The swiveling actuator allows you to have all the pneumatic connections ordered. On request switch-box for remote control of the valve status.


Max Fluid temperature: 187°

Ambient temperature: -20°/ +60°

Pilot pressure: min 5 bar – max 8 bar

Materials: body made of brass, actuator made of anodized aluminum

Sizes: 1/2″ – 2″

Main uses


high temperature



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