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SRT valve



Pneumatically actuated angle seat piston valve with brass body, suitable for heavy duty and high frequency service.


- Valve status indicator

- Design suitable for multiple unit mounting

- Cylinder can be rotated 360°

- Cylinder can be rotated without the use of a wrench

- Optimized performance up to 10M cycles*.

*tests performed by MAROS engineering


SRT valve is suitable for any plant involving flow control of fluids and steam of various kinds at high temperature. Please check our Compatibility Chart between the fluid used in your application and materials used in the valve.



Tech Specs

TypeAngle seat valve
Size1/2" – 2” (PN16)
Pipe threadsF/F gas ISO228
Actuator typeNormally Closed NC
Normally Open (NO)
Double acting (DA)
Flow typeBidirectional
Ambient temperature-20°/+80°C
Pilot pressureMin 4.0 bar – Max 8.0 bar
Valve body Brass
Rotable cylinder Yes
Seal holderBrass
CylinderAnodized aluminium
Piston rodAisi 304 stainless steel
Rod wiperYes
Rod gasketSpring loaded V-Ring seal
Shutter sealPTFE
Valve status signal Red plug indicator (only NC)
Atex Certification
Inductive sensor switch box
Cylinder Nickel-plating (Niploy Process)
Valve body Nickel-plating (Niploy Process)
Seal holder Nickel-plating (Niploy Process)
FKM or EPDM shutter seal

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