The Inva 32 valve is a 3 way vacuum valve with two positions and different functions.

In fact, it can perform a vacuum / vacuum breaker function for pumps in the event that it is necessary to filter the air, reduce noise or avoid air swirls near the valve itself.

Or it can be used as a diverter valve for blowers, where it is necessary to exploit only one function (suction or repulsion).

When used as a vacuum valve, there is the possibility of using the third way for conveyed vacuum discharge.

The Inva 32 valve is made with an anodized aluminum body and actuator.

This type of valve is usually used in lifting systems, for example of wood, glass, plates, sheets, car hoods and more; handling, in the gripping surfaces, packaging systems, drying systems or even pneumatic transport.


Type: 3 way vacuum valve with 2 positions

Max Fluid temperature: 140°

Ambient temperature: 0°/ + 60°

Pilot pressure: min 4 bar – max 8 bar

Materials: the body is made of anodized aluminum (on request the version in acetal resin is avaliale), seal holder made by anodized aluminum

Sizes: 1”1/2 – 2″ – 2″1/2

Main uses

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vacuum pumps


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lifting and moving

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gripping plan

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industrial drying

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