The Inva 52 valve is a 5-way, 2-positions vacuum valve with reverse flow function.

In fact, it is generally used in combination with a blower, precisely with the aim of reversing the direction of the flow.

It can be operated pneumatically or electrically.

Its typical application is the use of each of the 2 stable states to alternatively obtain a vacuum function or a filling function.

The valve body and the actuator are made of anodized aluminum.

Also available in atex execution.

The Inva 52 series valve is usually used in gripping tables, packaging systems and lifting systems. In relation to this application, the valve is frequently used for lifting or handling wooden slabs.

Different formats and materials of this valve are available; in order to best adapt it to your needs, we recommend that you contact our technical department


Max Fluid temperature: 140°

Ambient temperature: 0°/ +60°

Pilot pressure: min 4 bar – max 8 bar

Materials: the body of the valve and the seal holder are boths realized in anodized aluminum 

Sizes: 1″1/2 – 2″ – 2″1/2 – 3″ – 4″

Main uses

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