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Pneumatic valves

Pneumatic valves are devices used to control pneumatic actuators and to regulate the flow rate and pressure of compressed air. Pneumatic actuators  provide movement to automated systems, machinery and automated processes.

Maros Engineering produces pneumatic valves for 30 years. These valves have different fields of application.

All our valves meet high quality standards, as expected, and we make scrupulous quality control of the raw material and of any phase of the production process.

Discover our main application

icona confezionamento valvola pneumatica


icona sollevamento valvola pneumatica

lifting and moving

icona tabacco

tobacco industry

icona stampaggio materie plastiche per valvola pneumatica

plastic injection molding

icona asciugatura industriale

industrial drying

aspirazione industriale

aspiration equipment

icona industria del legno

wood industry

piani di presa

grip plan

alta temperatura

high temperature



fluidi compatibili

compatible fluids

icona aria compressa per valvole a flusso avviato e valvole a squadro

compressed air

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