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INVA 52 is a 5-way, 2-position reverse airflow vacuum valve


Rapid vacuum interception and interruption


The main application is using each of the 2 stable states to achieve a suction function or a repulsion function alternately.

This is why the INVA 52 vacuum valve is the ideal solution in automation applications such as:

- Quick gripping and release function in automatic handling operations

- Pneumatic conveying in automatic handling operations

- Rapid gripping and release functions in automatic loaders

- Vacuum gripping tables

- Packaging systems



Tech Specs

NameINVA 52
Type5-way 2 positions reversing valve
Size1”1/2 – 2” – 2”1/2 – 3” – 4”
Pipe threadsF/F/F gas ISO228
Actuator type Single Acting (electric actuator)
Double Acting (pneumatic actuator)
Max fluid temperature+140°C (Based on Maros Engineering’s test)
Ambient temperature0/+60°C
Valve body1”1/2,2”,2”1/2 anodized aluminium
3"-4" acetal resin
Seal holderanodized aluminium
Shutter sealFKM
Upon request
Cert. ATEX ( 1”1/2,2”,2”1/2 anodized aluminium body pneumatically driven type only)
Valve body in acetal resin for 1”1/2,2”,2”1/2 versions
PTFE shutter seal
Limit switch-box for valve status remote controlcontrol

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