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Pneumatic actuator

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  1. Pneumatic rotary actuators
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Precise rotating pneumatic actuators from Italy

The experts at Maros Engineering have been manufacturing top quality valves since 1991, and our rotating pneumatic actuators are just one product we offer. We source the highest quality raw materials direct from reputable Italian suppliers to ensure the most robust supply chain. Our modern manufacturing techniques encompass all the latest technological advances, to ensure we produce the precise valves needed for contemporary production lines. You can rely on the expert technical assistance offered by Maros Engineering to help out whenever you experience a problem on your production line, and we're constantly looking to improve our valves and all accessories with the most modern technologies.


Rotating pneumatic actuators from Maros Engineering

Check out our rotating pneumatic actuators online to find out more about the technical specifications of our product. Rotating pneumatic actuators are used for precision control of the rotation and speed of equipment. They use compressed air to offer a self contained simplification for applications typically utilising pneumatic cylinders. Their internal bearings sets can also support loads, and more details are included within our technical specification. Alternatively, speak to one of our experts to find out more. Browse our entire range of valves to source the products you need today.


Reasons to buy rotating pneumatic actuators from Maros Engineering

We're proud to supply so many repeat customers around the world and we know this is due to the fact that our technology offers the advanced solutions required by contemporary production lines. We have the essential expertise and know how to provide valve solutions to meet the requirements of the mechanical industrial and our experts always listen to feedback supplied by our customers. This is because we are continuously looking to improve and streamline our products. Get in touch to find out more.