The pneumatic ball valves as a main feature have the total fluid passage.

It is possible to divide the ball valves into 2-way and 3-way versions. In the first case they are available in AISI 316, 316 micro-cast, chromed brass with dimensions from 1/4 “to 3” for 2-way brass, up to 4 “for stainless steel, while in 3-way version and are available with holes “T” and “L” shaped sphere.

Generally, our ball valves are composed as follows:

  • body, which in turn consists of two / three portions and is made of brass or stainless steel;
  • seal seat, which works when the valve is in the closed position and is able to isolate the internal hole from the real ball;
  • drive pin for suitable coupling with pneumatic actuator;
  • shutter, which corresponds to the real sphere and can be two-way or three-way;
  • stem, which is usually built in the same material as the body and the shutter and works through a sequence of high-strength shaped rings.


The pneumatic ball valves we offer meet high standards of quality and safety. The direct contact between the sphere and the internal gasket ensures that the insulation is ideal in any condition, with the consequent improvement of the mechanical efficiency of each system. Furthermore, the pneumatic implementation makes the various procedures much faster than usual, with the final aim of having a product always at its best from every point of view.