Butterfly valves

Pneumatic butterfly valves are simple valves that contain a disc that acts as a shutter and rotates around an axis contained within a body either in ductile iron or carbon steel or stainless steel or bronze-aluminum.

All these types have been designed to guarantee a high degree of resistance to any kind of external agent.

In addition to the external body, our valves are made up of other components, a sealing seat which consists in the installation of an essential elastomer to allow a perfect and lasting seal; by a disc that can be in stainless steel or cast iron or bronze-aluminum. The shaft or rod is usually made of stainless steel, while the bottom flange has the same material with respect to the external body.

You can use our pneumatic butterfly valves in various types of applications, always appreciating their full mechanical efficiency. For example, they go very well in aqueducts to intercept water in the best possible way, having a much smaller footprint than gate valves. To be sure, you can have a look to our compatibility table or contact our technical office.

Pneumatic butterfly valves are also very useful when dealing with quite large diameters or extremely high force pressures.