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Pneumatic actuator

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  1. Pneumatic rotary actuators
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Our pneumatic actuators for valves, Mosfe series, like the other MA.RO.S Engineering products, are made according to the highest quality and efficiency standards, in order to ensure a practical and reliable design in the most different applications. The pneumatic valve actuator , Mosfe series, must be supplied with filtered, lubricated or dry compressed air. The structure is designed to withstand the most demanding applications, ensuring excellent efficiency with pilot pressure between 1 and 8 bar. The pneumatic actuators for valves, Mosfe series, are made from a single aluminum profile, which characterizes the body, with the pneumatic connections, the seat for the shaft and the pre-equipments for direct mounting of other optional devices. Our pneumatic actuators for valves, Mosfe series, are also available in stainless steel execution, or, upon customer request, with a specific surface treatment for particular applications (such as nickel plating or surface coating in ptfe). The range is able to cover the widest customer requests, being able to ensure the size of the actuators with pistons with a diameter from 32 mm to 330 mm.


Our pneumatic actuators for valves, Mosfe series, standard are equipped with a shaft with a lower pinion female of the stellar type which allows the assembly of vlves equipped with square shafts with an angle inclination of 0 or 45 degrees and lower pitch holes according to ISO5211- DIN3337. At the same time there are present input ports for pneumatic supply according to the namur standard without the interposition of any adaptive flange. They are also designed for the mounting of accessories, such as switch-boxes or positioners, according to the VDI / VDE 3845 standards thus ensuring excellent flexibility and compatibility of installation on the systems.


Our pneumatic actuators for valves, Mosfe series, standard are suitable for temperatures between -20 ° C and + 80 ° C. Upon request it is possible to equip the actuators with internal seals for temperatures: low (-40 ° / + 80 ° C ), very low (-60 °/+ 80 ° C) and for high temperatures (-20 °/+ 150 ° C). In the latter case, it is not necessary to use the bracket and the shaft extension in most applications. Like other products we produce, Atex - 2014/34 / UE certification is also available on request for pneumatic valve actuators, Mosfe series. IT IS RECOMMENDED, HOWEVER, TO CAREFULLY CHECK THE FLUID AND AMBIENT TEMPERATURE AND THE CONDITIONS OF USE. FOR THE CORRECT CHOICE OF THE ACTUATOR AND SURFACE TREATMENTS. FOR EVERY DOUBT, WE INVITE YOU TO CONTACT OUR TECHNICAL OFFICE


Pneumatic valve actuators, Mosfe series, can be usefully used to control the most commonly used valves (such as ball and butterfly valves). The pneumatic control is available with double or single effect, is of the pinion / rack type and allows rotation angles at 90 ° (standard), or at 120 ° and 180 ° (on request). Discover with us the main features of each product range.



Pneumatic actuators for double or single acting ball valves are used for the correct movement of ball valves. Our pneumatic actuators for ball valves are suitable for the Atex zone and the contact between the ball and its gasket ensures that good insulation is created. Pneumatic ball valve actuators meet all European standards and remain at their best for a very long period of time. We have products with ball valves in chromed brass or stainless steel and in both cases, we offer you the opportunity to make your machinery more efficient.



The pneumatic actuators for butterfly valves work with the help of a shutter, corresponding to a disk held in the guide with an upper stem equipped with an "anti-ejection" system. Each disc is made of stainless steel or cast iron or bronze-aluminum and can be operated directly by hand, although obviously you need the right skills to operate it at its best. The pneumatic actuators for butterfly valves that we make available are used in various sectors such as: pneumatic transport, waterworks, petrochemical – chemical, food industry, thermoelectric power plants, air conditioning systems. The pneumatic actuators are suitable for LUG and WAFER type butterfly and can be obtained with gaskets in NBR EPDM FKM and other materials.