Pneumatic valves since 1991

Born in 1991 from the idea of ​​the three founding partners, Maros Engineering started its activity as a subcontractor.

Over the years it has adopted the solutions to the problems of numerous client companies, and this has allowed it to acquire ever greater knowledge in various sectors of the mechanical industry.

On the strength of this new knowledge and experience, Maros Engineering becomes a manufacturer of valves for fluid control, obtaining a prominent position in the sector, managing to export its products also abroad.

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Passion and Innovation at the helm of the Company

Passion led to the birth of the company and it is what unites old and new generations.

But that’s not enough. In fact, in order to keep up with the times, constant innovation is necessary, which leads to the creation of always new products in line with the latest market demands.

Fundamental strategies


A careful and continuous observation of the markets leads the company to develop solutions in line with the new needs of the sectors


The company, in addition to the products in the catalog, is able to create customized products based on the needs and requests of customers.

Having an internal technical office, Maros is able to create the right product for every need


Within the company, careful and scrupulous quality controls are carried out on the raw material and on every stage of the production process, from the product conception to the final testing

Home Made

The entire production process, from product conception to assembly, is carried out within the company. Furthermore, all raw materials and commercial components are purchased exclusively in Italy


Quality certification on all management processes and internal products. Company with certified Quality System nr. 50 100 7161


Use of recent Cad-Cam solutions and CNC machine tools among the most advanced and equipped with the most up-to-date software systems.