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butterfly valve lug type

TypeBi-directional shutt-off and regulation valve
Sizes3/4" -24" (DN20 - DN600)
Fluid temperature -20° / +160° C depending on pressure and materials
Differential pressureMax ∆p 16 bar
Vacuum tightnessUp to 0.2 absolute bars (depending on fluid and material)
BodyDuctile cast iron GGG40
Disc CF8M
SealsNrb, Epdm
VersionsDouble and single acting
Operating temperature (valve complete with actuator) -20°C / +80°C (with standard actuator)
Upon request
Carbon steel valve body
Steel, stainless steel Aisi 304-316 disc
Csm, Fpm, Vsi, Au or Ptfe seals
Actuators for different temperature range




The lug type butterfly valve, like the other butterfly valves by Maros Engineering, consists of a disc that acts as a shutter and rotates around an axis contained within a body either in spheroidal cast iron or carbon steel or stainless steel. or in bronze-aluminum.

All these types have been designed to ensure a high degree of resistance to any kind of external agent.

In addition to the outer body, our pneumatic butterfly valves consist of other components:

A sealing area consisting in the installation of an essential elastomer to allow a perfect and lasting sealing; a disc that can be in stainless steel or cast iron or bronze-aluminium.

The shaft or stem is usually made of stainless steel, while the base flange has the same material as the outer body.

You can use our lug type butterfly valve, as for the other pneumatic butterfly valves in various types of applications, always appreciating their full mechanical efficiency.

For example, they go very well in aqueducts to intercept water in the best possible way, having a much smaller footprint than the shutters.

The pneumatic butterfly valves we offer are also very useful when dealing with or with rather large diameters or pressures with extremely high force.

The butterfly valves proposed by Maros Enginering, including the lug valve, can range from sizes of 3/4 up to 24″.

Complete versions of pneumatic rotary actuator or switch box are also available. Atex certification is also available on request.


Type: lug type butterfly valve, bidirectional shut-off and regulation valve

Fluid temperature: -20°C / +160°C (only valve without actuator)

Sizes: 3/4″ – 24″

With actuator: standard for temperatures from  -20°C  to +80°C, on request different actuators for different temperatures are avaliable

Pneumatic actuators for butterfly valves

Our lug type butterfly valve, wafer valves and all other butterfly valves can be complete with rotating pneumatic actuators.

The pneumatic butterfly valve actuators we offer work with the help of a shutter, corresponding to a disk kept in driving with an upper stem equipped with an “anti-ejection” system. 

Each disc is made of stainless steel or cast iron or bronze-aluminum and can be operated directly by hand, although of course you must have the right skills to operate it at its best.

The pneumatic butterfly valve actuators we provide are used in several areas such as:

pneumatic transportation, aqueducts, petrochemical industry – chemical, food industry, thermal power plants, air conditioning systems.

Pneumatic butterfly valve actuators are distinguished in LUG valve and WAFER type valve and can be obtained with NBR EPDM FKM material seals and others.

Do not hesitate to contact our technical office for more information.

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