The Fluxa D valve is a compact pneumatic valve with started flow, 2 ways, with anodized aluminum actuator and brass valve body.

Very similar to the Fluxa valve, the Fluxa D version differs from the first for the type of fluid that passes through it. In fact, while the classic fluxa is suitable for compressed air, this version provides for the passage of all standard fluids. (We always recommend checking the chemical compatibility table or asking our technicians).

Our fluxa d valve, thanks to the inlet of the fluid under the shutter, avoids water hammer in the system.

Available in ATEX execution and, only for normally closed versions, it can be equipped with an upper visual indicator.

Special versions of this valve are available for use with vacuum.

Given their small size, compact valves such as the Fluxa are ideal for use in systems with very limited spaces.


Max Fluid temperature: 100°

Ambient temperature: -20°/ +60°

Pilot pressure: min 4.5 bar – max 8 bar

Materials: sea holder: brass, cylinder: anodized aluminum

Sizes: 1/2″ – 2″

Main uses

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Compatibles fluids