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streamlined and right-angle seat valves



Compact streamlined 2 way valve
Brass body


• Compact design allowing install in reduced space plants • Versatile design allowing multi-unit installation • Maximum versatility of use with spacer to protect the cylinder from non-compatible fluids


The Fluxa D valve is very versatile thanks to the special brass spacer that protects the aluminum cylinder from aggressive fluids. We recommend in any case to check compatibility on our chemical Compatibility Chart and contact our technical department.
• A dedicated version for vacuum applications is available. Please check FLUXA OI page.



Tech Specs

Name Fluxa D
Type Streamlined valve
Size 1/2" – 2” (PN16)
Pipe threads F/F gas ISO228
Available actuator type Normally Closed NC, Normally Open (NO) Double acting (DA)
Flow type Unidirectional Flow 1→2;
Ambient temperature -20°/+60°C
Pilot pressure Min 4.0 bar – Max 8.0 bar
Valve body Brass
Cylinder Spacer Brass
Seal holder Brass
Piston Aluminium
Cylinder Anodized aluminium
Piston rod Stainless steel Aisi 304
Rod wiper Yes (1/2" excepted)
Rod guide No
Internal o ring FKM
Shutter seal FKM
Atex Certification
PTFE or EPDM shutter seal
Valve status indicator (NC version only)

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