The Inva vacuum valve is a high flow valve with three-way vacuum / break-vacuum function, suitable for vacuum applications generated by pumps or as a diverter on blowers.

Its function consists in the rapid interception and interruption of the vacuum.

One of the strengths of this valve is the ability to replace the parts that compose it quickly and easily, without having to stop the machinery and therefore being able to carry out production without hitches.

Atex execution is available on request and there is the possibility of equipping the valve with a switch-box for remote control of the health status.

Our Inva valve is used in lifting and handling systems, plastic injection molding, gripping surfaces, packaging and industrial suction systems.

The Inva valve is available in different sizes. If necessary, we can create a customized product based on customer needs. By contacting our technical office you will have all the necessary information.


Max Fluid temperature: 100°

Ambient temperature: 0°- 60°

Pilot pressure: min 4 bar – max 8 bar

Materials: anodized aluminum

Sizes: 1”1/4, 2”, 3” and 4”


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vacuum pump icon for vacuum valves and vacuum breaker

Vacuum Pumps

Main uses

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lifting and moving

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plastic injection molding

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grip plans

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aspiration equipment

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