The Maros Engineering Inva 53 vacuum valve is a 5-way, 3-positions pneumatic valve with reverse flow function.

In appearance it looks similar to the vacuum valve Inva 52, but in version 53 there is the possibility of total interruption of the flow.

The vacuum valve Inva 53 is particularly suitable for applications with blowers where it is necessary to exploit both the suction function and the repulsion function.

In addition to this, it allows a “by-pass” function without stressing the blower itself.

As with many other valves, also in this case it is available in atex execution.

The Inva 53 series valve is mainly used in lifting systems, gripping surfaces and packaging systems.

This valve is available in multiple versions and sizes, also depending on the uses made of it. In fact, by contacting our technicians it will be possible to have precise information for every type of need.


Max Fluid temperature: 140°

Ambient temperature: 0°/ +60°

Pilot pressure: min 4 bar – max 8 bar

Materials: corpo valvola in alluminio anodizzato, otturatore in alluminio anodizzato

Sizes: 1″1/2 -2″ – 2″ – 2″1/2 -3″ – 4″

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